Mum baffled after discovering artist is selling drawings of her home for £40

People living in popular landmark houses often complain of the unexpected hassle that comes with it.

Previously, fuming homeowners in Paris demanded bloggers were banned from their residential street after thousands flocked to take photos on the attractive cobbled street.

At the time, one neighbour said: “It’s become hell…we’re eating at our tables and people are just outside taking their pictures.”

Now, one mum has experienced something similar – after discovering an artist is flogging drawings of her home for £40.

Writing about her experience on Mumsnet, she explained that she lives in a “notable” house in her local community.

She added: “It’s notable in the area due to the family being a prominent family of the time, and memories local people have of the family and house.

“We aren’t a notable family now at all, but there’s enough of the older generation around to still remember, and it’s a beautiful couple of houses, so people notice them.”

So she was left rather unimpressed to discover that a local artist is selling drawings of the house – which can’t be viewed from the road, meaning she may have trespassed onto their land to get a picture.

Explaining the situation, the mum explained: “I’m feeling quite annoyed about this, as she has never made contact to ask permission.

“Am I being unreasonable to feel like this, and would you make contact to ask her to remove it from her website?”

She added: “The artist appears to be a well-established illustrator of books and original pieces of work, so hopefully not a penniless, struggling artist.

“She has drawn many local buildings, not just mine, and her website shows her drawing on location. She may well have drawn from a photograph, but it’s equally likely she drew with the house in front of her.

“There isn’t a pavement opposite the house or a window that the house can be viewed from and, with the tree coverage, it would very hard to do that from outside the property.

“I’m not making an assumption that that’s definitely what she’s done, but if it’s a drawing from life then that’s likely.

“The drawing is of the house only, no other features at all. The title is the name of the house, which is the same as the area that it’s in, so really very identifiable.”

People were left divided, after the woman asked if she should contact the artist to request that the picture was removed from sale.

One wrote: “How has this really negatively impacted your life? You are lucky enough to have inherited a lovely home that an artist wants to paint. Count your blessings.”

Another said: “I think people are entitled to draw houses, aren’t they? We used to live in a National Trust house and there were loads of photos and drawings taken of it.

“I would think you were bonkers if I were the artist and you emailed me about it. She could have drawn it from an old photo or been given permission by one of your relatives.”

But others sympathised, with one mum commenting: “She’s monetised your private property for her own financial gain and her website might prompt people to want to view it in person, increasing the likelihood of trespassers.

“I wouldn’t be happy about that. It doesn’t matter if it’s a notable house in the area, it’s your family home.”

“I completely understand how you feel. Our house is very distinctive and I have seen people outside taking photos more than once. In our case, they aren’t trespassing to do so, but it still feels strange,” added another.