Clinton Portis fraud trial results in hung jury

The trial of former NFL running back Clinton Portis on federal fraud charges has resulted in a hung jury.

The verdict form reveals that jurors were deadlocked on all counts as to Portis. As of Tuesday afternoon, a note from jurors to the presiding judge indicated that the jurors were “very hung up” on Portis and that “tempers are running hot.” On Wednesday, the jurors determined that a verdict could not be reached.

Former NFL receiver Tamarick Vanover was convicted on multiple counts; however, a motion for a mistrial was granted as to Vanover.

A pre-trial conference for a potential re-trial of Portis is set for Thursday, for the purposes of discussing a potential retrial of the two defendants.

Portis, Vanover, and others had been accused of committing fraud in connection with the health-care plan for retired NFL players. Portis also has a pending warrant for his arrest in Florida for charges of unpaid child support. He filed for bankruptcy in 2015.